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Transmission Problems are Slippery Business


Transmission slippage can be caused by a variety of factors which are sometimes difficult to pin down. From Superior Transmissions in Silver Spring, MD, here’s a rundown of the more common issues that may cause a transmission to slip.

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High quality shop!

While working with this shop, I have found they are a high quality place. Very knowledgeable and provide quality work to their customers. - Tammy B. (5 star review on Google)

Honest and fair.

Found them to be honest and fair. Recommend them. - Mark M. (5 star review on Google)

Highly recommend!

Superior Transmissions has always been very friendly when I was in need of assistance. Highly recommend! - Hannah J. (5 star review on Google)

Service is great.

The service is great, and they are expert professionals that can fix anything. - Ed T. (5 star review on Google)

How Do I Fix My Manual Transmission Problem?

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Manual transmissions are generally more reliable than automatic transmissions. They don’t have as many parts, aren’t as complex, and can take a lot more abuse. However, if an issue is allowed to persist, more and more damage to surrounding components on your manual transmission will occur. Superior Transmissions in Silver Spring, MD can help you take care of your car as soon as you notice a problem.

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