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High quality shop!

While working with this shop, I have found they are a high quality place. Very knowledgeable and provide quality work to their customers. - Tammy B. (5 star review on Google)

Honest and fair.

Found them to be honest and fair. Recommend them. - Mark M. (5 star review on Google)

Highly recommend!

Superior Transmissions has always been very friendly when I was in need of assistance. Highly recommend! - Hannah J. (5 star review on Google)

Service is great.

The service is great, and they are expert professionals that can fix anything. - Ed T. (5 star review on Google)

Thank you, Superior Transmissions!

I was stuck in a real jam. Gerard and his team probably saved me thousands of dollars by taking the time to identify the real issue other than going through replacing my transmission. He even took the time to take me back in his shop and show me the parts with an explanation of the malfunction. Writing this review is me saying THANK YOU in big letters. High quality, compassionate, and professional throughout the whole process, they took care of me. - Derek L. (5 star review on Yelp)


Good customer service. - Vincent C. (5 star review on Google)

Reasonably priced.

Fast, thorough, and reasonably priced! - Allyn H (5 star review found on Google)

Excellent service.

Excellent service. They were able to resolve a complex transmission issue within 24 hours. - Sai L (5 star review found on Google)

Honest and competent.

Honest, competent and friendly. Shops like this are the reason I will always go to a genuine independent guy over a dealership. They are knowledgeable and obviously care about their customers. Despite being constantly busy, they always take the time to discuss the issues, make sure you understand and are comfortable and work out the best way forward with you.

Specifics of my experience: My Jeep had a loud clunk and threw some transmission codes. Since it was a new (to me) car, I took it to the dealer. They told me there were a range of issues, and quoted me well over $3,000 to fix it. When I talked to them about it, they described things that didn't quite make sense (I won't say they lied, but..). Since Barry at Superior had previously given me honest and free advice on another issue, I brought the car here. They told me what was, and was not an issue (dealership claimed the low range actuator was inoperable, but Barry was able to work it multiple times) and what did need to be addressed (and how to address it properly). Explained every issue and different options at every step. In the end, the work they did was half the cost of the dealership quote for the same work ($1K vs $2K) and a third to a quarter of what the dealership wanted me to spend. - John W (5 star review found on Google)

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